Testimonial Videos

Sperry Renovation Todd Sperry, Vice President & CFO

Having HCMM come in has finally taken me personally to the next level. They’re the ones that have taught me not only how to start a business, but grow and sustain them.”

Platinum Drywall, Inc. Anthony Brooks, President

Overall the process has impacted our business largely. We are no longer a mom and pop organization, and I’m constantly getting positive feedback from our clients.”

Bayfront Plumbing, Inc. Cindy Peer, Owner

I just needed some professional advice, and that’s what I was expecting and that’s exactly what I got.”

The Ohio Floor Company Steve Yoder, President

You didn’t just do the consulting work and disappear. I have on-going contact with your Consultant. If someone were to call me and ask, your company is the one I would recommend.”

Services Unlimited Inc. Clint Jones, Owner

HCMM definitely helped my business and I think it could help anybody’s business. You just have to be willing to let them come in and show you.”

Royal Carolina Corporation Alice Parker, Owner

When you guys came in, it was a huge help to learn how to take that next step.”

Universal Plumbing Inc. Larry Jones , President and Owner. Claudia Jones, Operations Manager

My assessment of it was we’re getting a Harvard education. But the firm is coming to us, and its hands on, it’s not like you go and get the education and then you have to go out and put it in practice. We got the education, the practice and everything was set in place, we were ready to go.”

Snowbridge Roto-Rooter Chris Tatro - Co-Owner

When I think of HCMM, I think of an honest company that wants to truly help your small business get better at what they do.”