Our No-Risk Commitment



Our Voluntary Payment for Analytical Services (VPAS) policy is a written commitment that we make to our clients. Simply stated, if our clients are not satisfied with the results of the study prepared by our business analysts, they will not be asked to pay.

Why do we make this promise?

We are 100% confident in the quality of services that we offer our clients. Time and again, our expert analysts have provided effective, proven business solutions that ultimately improve our clients’ profitability and quality of life.

A few comments from our clients:

“The no risk guarantee is what clenched the deal with HCMM Inc.”

“HCMM Inc. found an error that our CPA made resulting in us receiving $80,000 back on our taxes. This was on the first day!”

“I was having doubts after I signed up for the analysis, but let me assure you the Analysis was well worth it. I received my monies worth the first day.”

“Being a habitual skeptic, I really did not believe an outside firm could help my business. It was worth every penny!”

“I was excited to proceed with the Analysis. I thought I should run it by my attorney. He advised against and I almost canceled, but with the HCMM Inc. no risk guarantee, I had little to lose it turned out to be one of the best decisions that I have made in my business.”