Making the Most of Your Employees’ Strengths

Motivation is one of those topics about which a great deal has been said and written. There are self-help gurus who imply that all your problems in life can be solved if you motivate yourself better. And that all business problems can be solved if you motivate your employees to work harder and better. But the truth is that maximizing employee performance has less to do with motivation and more to do with making the best of each employee’s strengths.

Understanding an Employee’s Strengths

If you have an employee who’s very good at writing, you need to use him/her to draft letters emails, social media comments, website content etc. Instead if you ask this employee to do customer service over the phone, then you’re not making the most of his/her abilities.

Similarly, you must have employees who are good at talking to people. These employees would be best placed in the sales/customer service departments. If you have someone who loves organizing, you need to put them in an administrative role. If someone’s very creative, they can be involved in product design, package design, website design etc.

Looking Past an Employee’s Self-Definition

You need to know each employee’s strong points. And sometimes, these might be quite obvious. For example if someone is good at talking to people, you’ll know this from the moment you take their interview. It takes a little longer to find out about other skills

And what makes the process complicated is that people might be completely mistaken about their skills. Someone might tell you at their interview that they’re very organized and you might later find out that this is untrue. But they may have other skills you can use.

So being an entrepreneur is about knowing how to judge people from the get-go. This will help you to maximize employee performance and increase effectiveness.

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