How Do New Clients Flow Through Your Business?

Customers don’t know anything about how your business runs on the inside. All they know is who they interact with and how quickly things get done. But that invisible process sets the stage for how customers interact with your company and how long they stick with your company. Make sure you know how each customer starts as a new account in your company and what happens after the sale is complete.

What’s the ideal flow for a new customer?

Customers should almost always start in sales and marketing. Even though smaller customers might not reach your radar until they already have a shopping cart, your marketing department should already have a grasp on the client’s general interests, timelines, and purchasing behavior based on how they reached your site in the first place. Data tracking and a continuous slew of marketing campaigns can help you know about customers based on solely their behavior.

Some customers need more prompting, or your company has a high-touch business to business service, and that’s when sales steps in. Sales should be creating the accounts on your CRM platform, filling in details, and negotiating deals.

Once a deal is set, it needs to be ‘seen’ by every department. Automate your CRM with a set of specific triggers for each department’s requirements: Finance may want a manual review if the total discount is greater than ten percent, and Legal may want to review if any of the terms and conditions are in dispute. If the deal is approved, the sale is made.

But after this point, most customers drop out of sight. That’s bad for business because recurring customers buy more products and services, and they’re easier to sell to. Make sure the customer’s next stop along the internal pathway is either the renewals or account management department so you can build a long-term relationship with them. Don’t just send them straight to billing.

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