Enjoy Business Success by Setting Goals and Objectives

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A business starts with an idea. While some people fly by the seat of their pants, those who are the most successful develop their idea by setting business goals and objectives. For Success, You Need a Plan Establish short and long-term business goals and objectives, and put them in writing. This will establish a plan for your business. Your goals and objectives should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, Time-Related. If you don’t routinely prepare a business plan, you may not know how to start. Here’s a simple...

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How Do New Clients Flow Through Your Business?

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Customers don’t know anything about how your business runs on the inside. All they know is who they interact with and how quickly things get done. But that invisible process sets the stage for how customers interact with your company and how long they stick with your company. Make sure you know how each customer starts as a new account in your company and what happens after the sale is complete. What’s the ideal flow for a new customer? Customers should almost always start in sales and marketing. Even though smaller customers...

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Use Drip Campaigns to Keep an Eye on Leads

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When you’re cold-emailing people, your success rate is going to be a little low. It’s a good tactic, but in-person meetings, phone calls, and inbound marketing tends to work better. That means, while you should still be using it, you need to make it efficient. Everything should be automated, and very little of your email campaign process should be handled manually. Once the email content itself is created, plug it into an automated emailing service and don’t think twice about the initial emails. Your employees’ eyes...

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Three Signs It’s Time to Bring in a Business Advisor

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Bringing in an outside advisor is often colored with the idea of failing, but that’s not true. Hiring a business advisor is the same as hiring any expert. You may contract with a lawyer to make sure your contracts are legal and favorable. You might hire a CPA or financial advisor to handle your financial filings. A business advisor is also a specialist with insight into specific systems, strategies, and technical know-how. Here are three times when you should bring in a business advisor without feeling like something’s gone wrong:...

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Examine Your Marketing Funnel Data: How Many Customers Are You Really Converting?

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How you measure your quantitative goals matter. Sometimes, it’s all in the sheer number of customers or the amount of dollars earned. These hard numbers are what move your business forward and generate revenue. But there’s a deeper story in your sales data, and that all about percentages. So run your data and find these key percentages to find weak points and successes in your strategies: The percentage of visitors that become leads. This is where your marketing funnel really starts. The journey from being an online consumer with...

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Turning Your Weaknesses into Strengths with the Help of a Small Business Consultant

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When you’re running a small business, you may get so caught up with the day-to-day running that you may not think about how to achieve your long term goals. When all your attention is going towards getting new clients and processing their orders, you may not have much time to map out a business strategy. This is where small business consultants can come in—to help you figure out where you want to go and how to get there. A small business consultant can help you figure out the weak links in your business. Are You Too Close to See the...

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Alternatives to Business Loans

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Getting a loan is not possible for every business. It might not even be worth the paperwork if you just need a few extra dollars to buy one or two items for your business, especially if you are able to pay it off rather quickly. Business loans are not the only way to get money. Here are some alternatives. Friends and family. Though you shouldn’t do this unless you are absolutely sure that you can pay them back quickly, your friends and family might be able to help you through a tight spot with your business. They may be able to lend you...

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2 Reasons to Hire a Professional Advisor When Passing Down Your Company

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If your business is going to stay in the family, it might not be a smooth transition. Unwritten procedures and invisible policies might not translate over to the next owner. Tax issues and financial problems can severely reduce the business’s profitability during the transition. Even family dynamics and personal conflicts can start to get in the way of business operations. Bring a professional in for key steps to keep the transition smooth. How can a professional advisor help? Any time you’re making a major change to your...

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3 Good Exit Strategies for When You Want to Hand Off Your Construction Business

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Long-running businesses have more value than the services they provide and the equipment or capital they own. Businesses of every size can have a lot of their value tied up in their ownership and their brand. Customers in your area trust your company name and your logo. There’s a lot of goodwill that can pass on to a subsequent owner. So if you think it’s time for you to leave your small business, either to retire or to try new pursuits, don’t just let your business shut down. What are the three best exit strategies for...

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How To Set Effective Business Goals

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In the business world, the idea of setting goals for success is not revolutionary. Lots of research have been done showing that establishing goals is essential to the success of a company. Most business leaders establish goals for their company when they draft a mission statement. The challenge, however, for these leaders is keeping track of their goals; the 4th Annual Staples Small National Business Survey revealed that 80% of business leaders lose sight of their goals after some time. One way for business leaders to avoid losing track of...

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