Alternatives to Business Loans

Getting a loan is not possible for every business. It might not even be worth the paperwork if you just need a few extra dollars to buy one or two items for your business, especially if you are able to pay it off rather quickly.

Business loans are not the only way to get money. Here are some alternatives.

Friends and family. Though you shouldn’t do this unless you are absolutely sure that you can pay them back quickly, your friends and family might be able to help you through a tight spot with your business. They may be able to lend you a little money to help you get started or buy something to expand your business. However, you are not going to be able to borrow a lot of money from your friends and family.

Credit cards. Though many people don’t like to use their credit cards due to the high interest, they could be an option if you just need to buy one or two things at a time to help you grow your business. If you are able to pay them off quickly (instead of continuously using them until they are too high), they are a viable option. It is much easier to use a credit card than go through the whole process of getting a loan.

Crowdfunding. You may also want to look into crowdfunding. This is the latest way for start-ups to get the capital that they need to get up and running. You are essentially asking for investors for your business. To be fair, when you are doing well, you will need to share some of your profits with those who believed in you and your business.

If getting a loan isn’t something that you are able to do (or have the time for), you may want to look into other options. If you don’t need much, you might be able to ask family and friends for help. Credit cards are also an option, as long as you don’t misuse them.

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