3 Reasons to Set Up Goals for Every Project and Position

Goals drive better performance. Whether there are a series of daily goals or a larger project that is broken up into manageable task-based goals, having that structure provides additional organization, clarity, and motivation. Days working in a construction company can be especially varied, so goal-setting is crucial to measure progress and keep employees motivated.

1. Goals drive innovation.

As an owner or a manager, you don’t have perfect insight into every problem in the company. Sometimes the details are visible only to the employees who work in the system or access particular functions. While goals that aren’t actionable are less than optimal for driving daily performance or efficiency, they can help drive ideas. Present team or company goals that don’t have immediately¬†clear procedures, such as reducing workplace accidents or shortening the window on unpaid invoices, and ask your employees for ideas to make the goals possible. You need their insight to turn vague but valuable goals into achievable steps.

2. Well-framed goals make your company look more valuable to potential investors or buyers.

If you started or inherited a construction company, it might not be a business you want to stay in until retirement. In fact, even a business you love should always have a clear exit strategy laid out. Goals and employee development show that you are investing in your company’s employees and that you are continually looking for improvements. This is often precisely what potential buyers are looking for, and goals in technological or process fields are particularly¬†striking.

3. Goals create momentum.

Instead of each day being one day in isolation, long-term goals provide momentum. Monthly or annual goals with milestones give employees a framework for how each action is valuable. Whether you tie goals to bonuses, shares, or company culture, they incentivize more focus, especially if they aren’t just a gimmick.

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