Testimonial Videos

Having HCMM come in has finally taken me personally to the next level. They’re the ones that have taught me not only how to start a business, but grow and sustain them.”

Sperry Renovation Todd Sperry, Vice President & CFO

Overall the process has impacted our business largely. We are no longer a mom and pop organization, and I’m constantly getting positive feedback from our clients.”

Platinum Drywall, Inc. Anthony Brooks, President

I just needed some professional advice, and that’s what I was expecting and that’s exactly what I got.”

Bayfront Plumbing, Inc. Cindy Peer, Owner

You didn’t just do the consulting work and disappear. I have on-going contact with your Consultant. If someone were to call me and ask, your company is the one I would recommend.”

The Ohio Floor Company Steve Yoder, President

HCMM definitely helped my business and I think it could help anybody’s business. You just have to be willing to let them come in and show you.”

Services Unlimited Inc. Clint Jones, Owner

When you guys came in, it was a huge help to learn how to take that next step.”

Royal Carolina Corporation Alice Parker, Owner

My assessment of it was we’re getting a Harvard education. But the firm is coming to us, and its hands on, it’s not like you go and get the education and then you have to go out and put it in practice. We got the education, the practice and everything was set in place, we were ready to go.”

Universal Plumbing Inc. Larry Jones , President and Owner. Claudia Jones, Operations Manager

When I think of HCMM, I think of an honest company that wants to truly help your small business get better at what they do.”

Snowbridge Roto-Rooter Chris Tatro - Co-Owner

I thought I could do it myself, but I couldn’t.”

Alloy Welding MIT Graduate with PHD turns to HCMM for help with organization

One of the things I appreciated was that HCMM worked within our goals and what we wanted to do in our particular business.”

Ayr Custom Cabinets Second generation cabinet company had no formal business training and wanted to make sure they were on the right track

We made some very long term fixes. We now have systems in place, and no customer gets away. Help is a Good Thing!”

Canfield Plumbing Established Plumbing Company had no way to track customers

We had been flat in sales, and after HCMM came in we saw an 80% increase in revenues. 5 years later, we are on track to be 4 times the volume prior to the project.”

Construction Data Fax Construction company owner looking for growth and exit strategy. Amazed at how little extra time was needed to have the project running

I started out as a mechanic. I had a dream, but didn’t know how to run a business. Since HCMM we have Doubled our profits”

Caprock Diesel Mechanic knows about his trade, but doesn’t know basics to run a successful business

It’s a lot less pressure on me as an owner. I can go home again and feel I’m on top of things. Probably the most valuable money I’ve spent in my many years of business.”

CEMCO Environmental clean-up company. Owner is a great salesman, but needs to get cash flow under control

What I got out of this was well worth the money, twice over. I got concrete, working products.”

Dark Star Marble Owners biggest fear was that the process with HCMM would not be effective

My experience with HCMM has changed my life. I am closer to my wife and kids today because of what I have learned.”

Dickerson Trucking HCMM changes family dynamics and helps owner to be his former, happier self

I think every owner thinks they have the ability to self-diagnose their business. There was no risk in doing this.”

Enviroscape Strong business owner realizes outside help is essential to running a family business and determining actual costs of doing business

They opened my eyes on how to analyze the business and see what my real cost were. Any business owner who thinks they have all of the answers is making a big mistake.”

Florida State Security Company owner wanted to get a handle on costing procedures and secure a line of credit

We just always said, work hard and everything will take of itself. We had no accountability in place. We’ve almost tripled out profits since using HCMM.”

Forrest Tire Third generation tire distributor in business since 1934 wanted to make sure business was secure for fourth generation

We knew how to run a project, but not a business. Sales are now up and costs are down. It show in the final numbers”

Gary Leimer Floor covering company is made up of a group of project managers and installers who purchased the business

Quite frankly some of the best money we have ever sent. HCMM found a mistake that lead to receiving over $100,00.00 back from incorrectly paid taxes.”

Howe Patio Husband and wife team get help in the accounting side of the business

HCMM Inc. is a business of integrity. Since the project there is a certain level of security we now have.”

Kentuckiana Wood Products President and CEO needed help making critical decisions that changed the way they did business

The biggest impact on me was the comfort and peace I had working with them. Profits have tripled, we spend less money to make more money.”

Lumber One Lumber business co-owner now positioned to go to the next level

I knew something had to change. Check your ego and your fear at the door.”

MS Sedco A family owned manufacturing business grows fast and needs systems and incentives for company

They helped to bridge the communication gap and incorporate the systems to move us forward. I never felt threatened in the process.”

Polyengineering Engineering company has many owners and wanted to get everyone on the same organizational page

Because of HCMM I have been able to start another company. Without the freedom I gained from the project, this would never have happened.”

Richardson Machine Shop Machine shop owner stuck in cycle of micro managing. Suggests his vendors use HCMM to improve as well