The Organizational Futurist and Predictive Analytics

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With the successful implementation of big data analytics to give us cross-discipline performance metrics, we have naturally turned to those same machine learning platforms to develop future-thinking with predictive analytics. The complex neural networks of the AIs allow pattern recognition, identification, and prediction with wildly disparate data. But will machine learning platforms performing predictive analytics take the place of the organizational futurist? What is the role of the organizational futurist? In an industry with a heavy...

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Maximize Employee performance with Visible Goals and Tangible Rewards

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Everyone has hopes, goals, and dreams – that’s the easy part. It’s motivating your employees to achieve those goals that stump many companies into abandoning their New Year’s Goals once March hits. How can you maximize employee performance? by keeping them motivated with goals and rewards. Different motivational tactics work for different people. Here are a few different methods you can try: Make Your Goals More Visible Create some kind of vision board or pictures of your company goals so that they are more visible. Being able to see...

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Outcome Assessments for Continuous Quality Improvement

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Organizational assessments that are company-wide can be quite stressful, especially if the process is a new one. But developing a practice of project assessments that measure outcomes as part of a quality improvement plan can help staff adapt to organizational assessments. Outcome assessments can be a quick and easy way to assess if benchmarks are being met, and if project staff, budget, and timelines need adjustment mid-project. No matter the type of project–manufacturing, shipping, service provision–certain goals should be...

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Maximizing Employee Performance: Are you making the best use of tech for professional training?

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A recent Forbes article on how to retain strong employees mentions the following advice: … encourage them to gain new skills. Provide ample continuing education opportunities. Employees enrich your business and become more productive when given the opportunity to further their training and education. They also find their work environment more fulfilling and meaningful, increasing their job satisfaction. When it comes to maximizing employee performance and helping them enrich their skills, companies can rely on a variety of...

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Business Advice: What Licenses Does Your Business Need?

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The vast majority of businesses need to obtain licenses or permits to run their business. The types of licenses and permits you’ll need vary based on the type of business you run and the county of where you run your business. Here are some examples of licenses or permits your business might need: Business License. All businesses, no matter what they do, need a license to legally conduct business in their state. If you are a LLC or Corporation, you obtain your business license through submitting the proper incorporation paperwork to...

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Helping Small and Medium Businesses become More Successful with Tangible Goals

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January, February, and March are some of the best months for making goals for the New Year – making goals for your business are just as important as making goals for your own personal life. However, making goals for your business is like living in a fairy tale if you do not make those goals visible and tangible. Here are some tips on making, working on, and reaching your small and medium business goals: Ask for Employee Input Even if you know every detail of the business, you may not know what kind of goals will motivate employee’s to do...

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Maximize Employee Performance By Increasing Motivation

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Your company makes more money when your employees perform at their highest levels. Maintaining a workforce committed to getting the job done promptly with quality results gives you the edge in gaining clients. Learn what actions help maximize employee performance. Create a reward system that means something to your employees. Offer perks such as bonuses for finishing work projects ahead of schedule. Post a board which illustrates progression on particular jobs to motivate workers toward completing them. Provide the workers with the correct...

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How Can an Authentic Brand Help you Dramatically Boost your Bottom Line?

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In discussions of small business branding efforts, authenticity is a quality that frequently comes up. Whether you’re reaching out to customers on social media, engaging with them on your website, or building your reputation in your local community, the key is to convince people that you’re genuine and trustworthy. This will help you dramatically boost your bottom line. But what does it mean for customers to perceive a brand as authentic? The following are some of the signs of authenticity that customers look...

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Crafting a World-Class Business Blog

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The exponential growth of business blogs means businesses have to be creative, take risks, and demand quality to rise above the pack. A business blog is an excellent tool for businesses to carve out a market share, but it can do more than provide staff with marketing leads. Blogs can help consolidate your brand identity and inspire your target market. Potential customers come to your website already interested in your business. Your website design, colors, brand identity give an initial impression, and customers may stay and look around. The...

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Automation and Outsourcing: Business Trends for 2017

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Two business trends will continue to gather momentum in the current environment of rapid change: automation and outsourcing. While the American business climate may improve with a regulatory model geared toward business support, change is slow and may require several years to take full effect. Regardless of what changes the new government implements, the current regulatory environment is still the law of the land. It’s going to be difficult to accurately predict the effects on business of repealing the Affordable Care Act and NAFTA. Two...

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