The Search for Business Solutions: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

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When we are faced with a business problem, we usually make a linear plan to find the source of the problem, identify solutions, and plan change. Creative businesses are using a new model of problem solving that begins with asking the right questions, pinpointing the source of the problem, and formulating different methods of resolution. The greatest innovation engine in the history of the world is the city. With multiple people expressing divergent points of view, unexpected connections are made. The internet had the potential to be this...

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Maximize Employee Performance With Regular Performance Discussions

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It’s hard to manage employee performance from a distance. When you’re busy doing your job, plus managing several team members, it can be all too easy to put their performance review off until it’s time for an annual review. But what, exactly, does that process look like? If you’re like a lot of managers, it looks pretty messy. It probably includes going through an entire year’s worth of work for each team member as you struggle to determine where they should improve and where they demonstrated excellence...

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Managing Cash Flow Challenges: Navigating a Personal Loan

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  Every small business blossoms with an idea, followed (very) shortly thereafter by the question, “Where do I get the money for that?” For most entrepreneurs, startup money is negligible, if not completely absent, and, without funding, the idea remains just that. When personal affluence and bank loans fall short, many turn to family and friends for support. While it can seem like the most unequivocally foolproof way to spark the flame of new beginnings, consider the caveats which come with lending to and from those closest to...

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Three Steps to Manage Cash Flow Challenges

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Every business owner deals with cash flow challenges at some point. In industries where capital needs are high, this is a huge issue that business owners must work through. In the construction or real estate business, a company usually has a lot of outstanding debt without a consistent source of revenue. If you are not careful, you will end up with a cash flow issue quickly. Here are three steps to manage cash flow challenges in your business. Create a Budget One of the most important keys to managing cash flow challenges is to have a cash...

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3 Ways to Dramatically Boost Your Bottom Line

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Running a small business is not easy. There are many things to juggle, and the market is constantly changing. Small business owners often struggle to make a profit in their business. With all of the change in the construction industry, now is the time to start planning for the future. Demand for real estate property is high, and you need to capitalize on this market trend. Here are three ways to improve profits in your business. Get Organized Although it seems simple, getting organized is one of the most important aspects of having success in...

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Why You Should Hire Small Business Consultants

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Running a small business is not easy. There are a lot of challenges in becoming profitable, and the stress is overwhelming to many new business owners in the construction industry. Small companies provide a huge percentage of jobs in our economy, and it is important that small business owners do well. Some people need extra help in running their business to get it to the next level. Hiring small business consultants to help you with your business is one of the best things you can do for your company. Improving Efficiency In every business,...

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The Organizational Futurist and Predictive Analytics

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With the successful implementation of big data analytics to give us cross-discipline performance metrics, we have naturally turned to those same machine learning platforms to develop future-thinking with predictive analytics. The complex neural networks of the AIs allow pattern recognition, identification, and prediction with wildly disparate data. But will machine learning platforms performing predictive analytics take the place of the organizational futurist? What is the role of the organizational futurist? In an industry with a heavy...

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Maximize Employee performance with Visible Goals and Tangible Rewards

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Everyone has hopes, goals, and dreams – that’s the easy part. It’s motivating your employees to achieve those goals that stump many companies into abandoning their New Year’s Goals once March hits. How can you maximize employee performance? by keeping them motivated with goals and rewards. Different motivational tactics work for different people. Here are a few different methods you can try: Make Your Goals More Visible Create some kind of vision board or pictures of your company goals so that they are more visible. Being able to see...

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Outcome Assessments for Continuous Quality Improvement

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Organizational assessments that are company-wide can be quite stressful, especially if the process is a new one. But developing a practice of project assessments that measure outcomes as part of a quality improvement plan can help staff adapt to organizational assessments. Outcome assessments can be a quick and easy way to assess if benchmarks are being met, and if project staff, budget, and timelines need adjustment mid-project. No matter the type of project–manufacturing, shipping, service provision–certain goals should be...

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Maximizing Employee Performance: Are you making the best use of tech for professional training?

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A recent Forbes article on how to retain strong employees mentions the following advice: … encourage them to gain new skills. Provide ample continuing education opportunities. Employees enrich your business and become more productive when given the opportunity to further their training and education. They also find their work environment more fulfilling and meaningful, increasing their job satisfaction. When it comes to maximizing employee performance and helping them enrich their skills, companies can rely on a variety of...

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